Thursday 16th January 2014   -   8.00.p.m.-11.00.p.m. (Nemingha Hotel)

Friday 17th January 2014        -   8.00.p.m.-11.00.p.m. (Nemingha Hotel)

Saturday 18th January 2014    -  1.00.p.m.-3.00.p.m. (Nemingha Hotel)

                                           -  6.00.p.m.-7.00.p.m. (Oasis Hotel)

Sunday 19th January 2014      - 12.00p.m.-3.00.p.m. (Tudor Hotel upstairs)

                                           -   7.00.p.m.-10.00.p.m. (Nemingha Hotel)

Monday 20th January 2014      -   8.00.p.m.-11.00.p.m (Nemingha Hotel)

Tuesday 21st January 2014      -   4.00.p.m-5.00.p.m (Oasis Hotel)

                                            -   8.00.p.m-11.00.p.m. (Nemingha Hotel)

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 - 12.00.p.m.-3.00.p.m.(Tudor Hotel upstairs)

                                            -   7.00.p.m-10.00.p.m (Nemingha Hotel)

Thursday 23rd January 2014     -   8.00.p.m.-11.00.p.m. (Nemingha Hotel)

Friday 24th January 2014         -  10.00.a.m.-1.00.p.m.(Nemingha Hotel-Roger Greens Walkup for Cancer Benefit)

                                           -    4.00.p.m.-5.00.p.m (Oasis Hotel)

Saturday 25th January 2014    -    9.00.a.m.-11.00.a.m. (Cavalcade)

                                           -    1.00.p.m.-3.00.p.m. (Nemingha Hotel)

Sunday 26th January 2014      -   11.00.a.m- Noon (Nemingha Hotel)

Canberra Country Blues and Roots Festival 16-17 November 2013

On the 16th November and 17th November 2013, we are playing at this festival- The Canberra Country Blues and Roots Festival.

We won two song writing divisions last year.

The details are as follows:-

Festival Location :-     Hall Polocrosse Grounds, Victoria Street, Hall ACT.

Festival schedule:-    16/11/2013 at 10.30 am on Sessions Stage for 45 minutes set,

                                   16/11/2013 at 11.00 am -Festival Shop for CD sales and our autographs - 30 minutes,

                                   16/11/2013 at 13:30 on True Blue Stage for 30 minute set,

                                   17/11/2013 at 12.30 at the Media Tent for 30 minutes,

                                   17/11/2013 at 14.00 at Sessions Stage for 45 Minutes,



We are in Nashville recording an all original album with Kenny Royster. We are working hard- and loving the experience.

Kenny has organised the most wonderful internationally acclaimed musicians, our keys player has recorded with Keith Urban and Rascal Flats.

Our drummer played with Kansas! We have extraordinary guitarists! 

Kenny is A vocal coach- he is bringing out the best in our vocals..... can't wait to release the new a album.

We are Rocking!........


Radio Interviews and International Radio Programs playing our music

EVERYWHERE: Radio Interviews and International Radio Programs playing our music

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We won the Daryl Kirkup Award at Tamworth 2012 and just recently Canberra Country Music Song Writing Awards 2012

award-daryl-kirkup_thumbTo our great surprise, we won a new award at Tamworth Songwriter's National Awards night held on 24th January 2012. This is "an award to an artist considered by a panel to be deserving of exposure through the CRS publicity organisation" We are so excited and appreciate the recognition and look forward to the publication of some of our original songs. A big thankyou to Tamworth Songwriters' Association & Daryl Kirkup from CRS Publicity. To see an article written about us in our local newspaper follow this link to the Morning Star.

We also received two awards at Canberra Country Music Awards in November 2012, as songwriter's for "Best Country Rock" with our song "I'm Free" and "Best Western Swing" with our song "My Life is So Black & White".

WE wish to thank the organiser's.

These songs are available from this site on our new EP- "MY FOREVER BOOK" which contains four original songs and two cover songs.


Book a Gig with Us

We are available for Gigs in the Melbourne area and elsewhere, depending on our travel schedule. Worthwhile enquiring...


Purchasing our Music

You can purchase our songs and albums electronically or as CDs which we will autograph before shipment.

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