Radio Interviews and International Radio Programs playing our music

EVERYWHERE: Radio Interviews and International Radio Programs playing our music


On Thursday 5th April 2012 at 7.30 pm with Barry Cannon on Big Gun Country;

 On Tuesday 17th April 2012 at 10.30am with Ollie at Ollies country WYN FM

On Friday 20th April 2012 at 9.00 am with Bill Beerens WOW FM, and Monday 30th April at 7.30 am on Good Morning Country Goulburn NSW;

Saturday 21st April 2012 at 7.20.a.m. with John Wilson on Homespun Country n 94.7 FM;

Friday 27th April 2012, with Brian Amos on Friday Afternoon Country- Radio Eastern 98.1 FM;

Thursday 10th May 2012 at 6.45.p.m. with Tracy & the Big D on 101.5 FM Caboolture;

Friday 15th June 2012 at 2.00.p.m. with Jon Peppin on 979FM;

Friday 22nd June 2012 at 9.00.a.m. with Ken Jones on Phoenix FM  Radio 106.7

Monday 25th June 2012 at 2.30.p.m. with Merrilyn Henderson from KIXFM- Kangaroo Island;

Friday 6th July 2012 at 10.00.a.m. with Pam Taylor on KL/FM Bendigo- Overnight Country Requests;

Friday 2 November 2012 at 7.45.a.m. with Bill Beerins on WOW FM;

Tuesday 13th November 2012 at 6.15.p.m. with Brian Lewis on HOBART FM;



Saturday 12th January 2013 from 12.00.noon (NSW time) on 2ARM 92.1FM with Sandy Sweeney;

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 at 10.00.a.m. (Qld time) with Merle Scott on Radio 97.1 SWEET FM;

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 at 1.15.p.m. (NSW time) FESTIVAL FM with Ben Sorenson Tamworth;

Thursday 7th February 2013 at 6.15.p.m. (Qld time) with Tracy & The Big D on 101.5FM Moreton Bay Queensland;

Monday 18th March 2013 at 8.10.a.m. (NSW time) with Bill Beerins on Good Morning Country NSW;

Saturday 29th June 2013 at 8.10.a.m. (NSW time) with Cherie Hall on 2ear FM, NSW;

Friday 4th October 2013 at 3.15.p.m. (Vic time) with Jon Peppin on the Travelling Cowboy Show on 979FM;



Friday 14th February 2014 at 2.00.p.m. (Vic Time) with Jon Peppin on the Travelling Cowboy Show on 979FM;

Tuesday 1st April 2014 at 11.10.a.m. (NSW time) with Noel on 2YOUFM Tamworth;

Tuesday 15th April 2014 at 8.00.a.m. Good Morning Country with Kevin Walsh- " Album of the Week" on CBAA Network NSW;

Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at 8.15.a.m. with Rick Dunlop Breakfast Show- 2TM-Tamworth NSW;

Wednesday 30th April 2014, at 8.15.a.m. with John Wilson on the Pulse, Geelong-Victoria;

Monday 5th May 2014, at 10.15.a.m. with Frankie T at 2MCR- Campbelltown, NSW;

Monday 5th May 2014, ay 2.00.p.m. with Kate Jansen- album of the week on HotFM 106.7 Mildura-Victoria;

Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 2.45.p.m. with John Taylor on 5YYY- Whyalla South Australia;

Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 3.10.p.m. with Mal Ritchie on 103.3FM- Goulburn NSW;

Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 6.25.p.m. with Tracy and the Big Dee on 101.5FM Caboolture, Queensland;

Tuesday 13th May 2014 at 7.45.a.m. with Bill Beerens at WOW FM-St. Mary's, NSW;

Monday 19th May 2014- whole week- HOT FM Mildura with Kate Jansen- "Album of the week", Victoria;

Friday 16th May 2014 at 9.30.p.m. with Peter Windle on 3MDR- "Full on Country";

Monday 19th May 2014, Sunshine FM-Buderim/Sunshine Coast with Des Deighton, Queensland;

Tuesday 20th May 2014, at 11.30.a.m. 2EC-Bega/Batemans Bay with Pete Diskon, NSW;

Saturday 24th May 2014, at 6.20.a.m., 2SER FM-Sydney with Barb Morison, NSW;

Sunday 25th May 2014, at 7.15.p.m., todayscountry94one-Central Coast with Phil McGee, NSW;

Saturday 7th June 2014, ABC Saturday Night Country with Catherine Britt, Australia Wide;

Sunday 20th July at 3.30.a.m. (our time) Kennon Radio with Dave Smith, United Kingdom;

Sunday 20th July 2014, Radio Adelaide with Fred Payne, South Australia; 

Friday 25th July 2014, Early Morning Country- ABC Queensland with Wayne Shearman, Queensland Australia;

Wednesday 15th October 2014, at 6.00.p.m. with Tracy and the Big D on 104.9 Sunshine FM, Queensland Australia;

Monday 27th October 2014, Macca on My 105 FM Queensland, Mackay Australia;

Saturday 8th November 2014, Tony Slingsby, 5GTR, at 1.00.p.m.- Mt. Gambier, South Australia, Australia;

Saturday 15th November 2014, Michael Crozier OAM-Valley FM- ACT, Australia;

Wednesday 19th November 2014, Bec Belt on Country Underground, NSW Australia;

Saturday 22nd November 2014, Leonie McClure on 2RRR at 7.00.a.m. , Ryde, NSW Australia; 


Wednesday 14th January 2015, Brian Amos on Radio Eastern, 98.1, Croydon, Victoria, Australia;

Sunday 18th January 2015, Carter Edwards on Super Radio Network 2SM, NSW, Australia;

Tuesday 20th January 2015, Bob Browne on 89.3 GLF FM, 1.00.p.m, South Australia;

Wednesday 21st January 2015, Casey Radio with Wayne Smith and Bob Halsall, on 97.7 FM, Victoria, Australia;

Wednesday 21st January 2015, Festival FM with Aly Cook and George Young, Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Friday 23rd January 2015, with Graham Archer on 2TM, Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

June 2015 with Jon Peppin, Top 40 Country singles, OCR FM, 98.3FM Colac and 88.7 FM, Victoria, Australia;

Wednesday 1st July 2015, Athol Latham on 88.9FM, Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Saturday 4th July 2015, with Rick Dunlop on 2TM FM, Tamworth, Australia;

Friday 24th July 2015 with Brian Amos 96.1FM Eastern Radio Croydon, Victoria, Australia;

Wednesday 29th July 2015 with Ray McCoy at 5.20.p.m., on Drive, 88.9FM, Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Tuesday 4th August 2015, Ian Crombie, ZFM & Power Country Network & Radio16 Homegrown Country, NSW, Australia;

Thursday 13th August 2015 with Jane Kellaway at 10.10.a.m., on Today's Country, 94.1FM, Central Coast, NSW, Australia;

Wednesday the 19th August 2015, at 6.30.p.m., with Tracy and the Big D on 104.9 Sunshine FM, Queensland, Australia;

Friday the 21st August 2015 with Kylie Adams Collier at 4.00pm on Radio Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW;

Sunday the 23rd August 2015 with Beth Brown on 100.3 YASS FM, NSW;

Tuesday the 1st September 2015 with Macca on MY105FM, webcast and live Mackay, QLD;

Thursday the 3rd September 2015, at, with Mark Eckel on OZCMR, Mildura, Victoria; 

Thursday the 17th December 2015, with Jon Peppin on Top 30 Countdown, OCR FM, Victoria, Australia;

Wednesday the 30th December 2015, at 2.30.p.m, with Frank Crump on Franks Wednesday Mixes, 2MAX FM 91.3, NSW, Australia.


 Saturday the 16th January 2016, Festival FM at 10.15.a.m., Tamworth, Australia;

Wednesday the 20th January 2016, at 10.00.a.m. on Casey Radio whilst at Tamworth, Australia; 

Sunday the 12th June 2016 with Barbara Morison at 2 SER-FM, Sydney, NSW, Australia;

Tuesday the 14th June 2016, with Mark Eckel on OZ Country Music Radio, Mildura, Vic, Australia;

Wednesday the 15th June 2016, with Robert, Amelia & Kaz from 4RR-FM, Nth. Qld, Australia;

Wednesday the 6th July 2016, with Ray McCoy on 88.9FM, Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Thursday the 28th July 2016, at 10.10.a.m. with Jane Kellaway, on Today's Country, 94.1FM, Central Coast, NSW, Australia;

Thursday the 28th July 2016, at 12.40.p.m. with Beth Brown on YASS FM 100.3, NSW, Australia;

Friday the 5th August 2016, at 6.00.a.m. with Grant Goldman on 2SM, Super Network, Sydney, NSW, Australia;

Saturday the 6th August 2016, at 6.00.a.m. with Barbara Morison on 2SER-FM, Sydney, NSW, Australia;

Saturday the 5th August 2016 at &.30.a.m. with Leonie McClure on 2RRR-FM, Sydney, NSW, AUstralia;

Monday the 8th August 2016, at 7.40.a.m. with Bill Beerins. at WOW FM- Good Morning Country, NSW, Australia;

Saturday the 13th August 2016, from 8.00.a.m with Mike Crozier on Australian Country, Valley 89.5 FM, ACT, Australia;

Sunday the 14th August 2016, with Gene Bradley Fisk at OZ Country, Vic, Australia;

Monday the 15th August 2016, with Merilyn Henderson at KIXFM-Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, Australia;

Thursday the 1st September 2016 with Jane Kellaway on 100.3FM Sounds of Macarthur, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia;

Wednesday the 28th September 2016 with Rob Burns, Kaz & Amelia on 4RR, Nth.Qld, Australia;

Wednesday the 28th September 2016 with Matt Tribe on ABC Mildura/Swanhill, Australia;

Friday the 30th September 2016 with Mark Eckel on OZCRM Mildura, Australia;

Friday the 30th September 2016 with Max Thorburn on 95.1FM Festival Radio Mildura, Australia;

Saturday the 1st October 2016 with Kay Gray on "Kay's Kountry" on 2MAXFM, Narrabri, NSW, Australia;

Wednesday the 5th October 2016, at 6.00.p.m. with Tracy & The Big D, on 104.9 FM, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia;

Tuesday the 1st November 2016, at 11.00am with Mark Eckel on OZCMR, Mildura, Vic. Australia;

Wednesday the 2nd November 2016,at 10.30am with Jody & Jon on Pulse 88.9FM, Tamworth NSW. Australia;

Thursday the 3rd November 2016, at 5.00.p.m. with Ray McCoy on Drive 88.9FM, Tamworth NSW. Australia;

Friday the 4th November 2016 at 2.00pm with Brian Amos, Country Profile, Eastern FM, Croydon, Vic., Australia;

Sunday the 24th November on Sunday Night Country with John Callaghan, 98five Sonshine FM, W.A., Australia;

Friday the 2nd December 2016 at 10.00.p.m. with "Big Pete Windle" on 3MDR 97.1FM, Vic., Australia;

Wednesday the 21st December 2016 at 8.15 am with John Wilson on "The Pulse" 94.7 FM, Geelong,Vic., Australia;

Saturday the 31st December 2016 at 6.15 am with Barbara Morison on All Kinds of Country Radio Show 2 SER, Sydney, NSW. Australia;

Saturday the 31st December 2016 at 6.30.a.m. with Leonie McClure on My Kind of Country Show 2 RRR, Sydney, NSW. Australia;



Wednesday the 4th January 2017 with Dolf Murwood on 2MIA Community Radio, Griffith, NSW, Australia;

Tuesday the 24th January 2017 at 5.20.p.m. on Toyota Festival Radio FM 106.1 Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Thursday the 2nd February 2017, Wayne Shearman on ABC Early Morning Country, Nth Queensland, Australia;

Friday the 17th February 2017, Paul Mac, on the Super Indie Show, Hamilton Radio, World Wide Stream;

Monday the 20th February 2017, Rob Richardson on Wyn FM, 88.9 FM, Wyndham, Australia;

Friday the 3rd March 2017, Therese McKee, on 2GLF FM, NSW, Australia;

Monday the 1st May 2017,with Merilyn Henderson on 5KIX FM, livestream- Kangaroo Island, Australia;

Saturday the 6th May 2017, with Nigel Jones on TYGA FM, Tasmania;

Thursday the 11th May 2017 at 1.10pm with Beth Brown- Jukebox Junkie, YASS FM Australia;

Saturday the 13th May 2017, with Barbara Morison on 2 SER, SYDNEY, NSW;

Sunday the 28th May 2017, with DJ Suzy, IMP Indie Country, USA, world wide web;

Wednesday the 14th June 2017, with Tracy & The Big D on 104.9 Sunshine FM at 6.20.p.m, QLD;

Wednesday the 19th July 2017, with Pam Taylor on KLMFM, Bendigo, at 10.45.a.m. VIC;

Wednesday the 4th October 2017, Mark Eckel from OZCMR Mildura at 10.15.a.m;


Friday the 19th January 2018, with Ray McCoy- Festival FM, Tamworth, at 3.45p.m.;

Friday the 16th February 2018, with Ryan from 99.7FM Voice of the High Country at 2.30.p.m.;

Saturday the 24th April 2018, with Max Thorburn from OZCMR Mildura;

Wednesday the 2nd May 2018, with Tracy & the Big Dee on 104.9FM at 8.00.p.m.;

Monday the 14th May 2018, with Jodie Crosby and Jon Wolfe on 88.9FM Tamworth at 10.30.a.m.;

Saturday the 19th May 2018, with Barbara Morrison on 2SER Sydney at 6.30.a.m;

Monday the 21st May 2018, with Nigel Jones on TYGA FM Tasmania, at 10.30.a.m.;

Wednesday the 23rd May 2018 with Beth Brown on YASSFM Canberra at 11.40.a.m;

Friday the 25th May 2018, with Mike Crozier on OCRFM Canberra, UK & New Zealand;

Monday the 28th May 2018, with Ann from OPALFM, Lightening Ridge NSW at 5.00.p.m;

Sunday the 10th June 2018, with Paul Mac from Hamilton Radio Sydney and USA;

Monday the 11th June 2018, with Kevin Walsh on Good Morning Country; 

Sunday the 30th September 2018, Midnight with Kevin Walsh on Good Morning Country;

Friday the 5th October 2018, with Kylie Adams Collier;

Tuesday the 9th October 2018, with Pam Taylor on KLFM Bendigo FM;

Thursday the 11th October 2018, with Gina Timms on Coast FM, Tasmania;

Saturday the 13th October 2018, with Bill from City Park Radio, Launceston, Tasmania;

Saturday the 20th October 2018, with Linda Callister on City Park Radio, Launceston.


Friday the 5th April 2019, with Tony Wright on Donnybrook Community Radio, Western Australia.


 Monday the 13th April 2021, with Steven F Adams on Dory's Indie World Radio Network, California, USA;

 Wednesday the 26th May 2021, with Susan Lily, WOW FM, South Australia, Australia;

 Saturday the 17th July 2021, G'Day Country with Lindsay Morris on Fraser Coast FM, Queensland, Australia;

 Saturday the 17th July 2021, Oz Country with Rod Courts, Cairns FM 89.1, Queensland, Australia;



Steven F Adams, Dory's Indie World Radio Network, California, USA:

Alexa, Country Club, Midnight Country, Luxembourg;

Max W. Achatz- Radio Gong- Country Jukebox-Munich, Germany;

Kylie Adams-Collier- Radio Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW;

John Andersen- Radio Dandelion Fredericia- Country Music DK, Fredericia, DENMARK;

Ken Andersen-104.9fm, Gin Gin, QLD, Australia;

Soren Andersson - Radio Avesta- Sweden;

Ted Annad-88.7 KIK-FM, Australia;

Bob Atkins- 100.3 Bay FM- Bay Breeze Independent Country, Redland City, Australia;

Peter Arbon-Country Radio Network 88.4FM, Australia;

Savatore Baldacchino, Back Stage Radio- Belgium;

Yvonne Bartle- Hawkesbury Radio- A Country Corner- Pitt Town, Australia

Joe Bartolo-One Radio- One Country- Malta;

Thomas Barstow- Sound Machine Country Radio- Moyock, USA;

Bec Belt- Country Underground- NSW Australia;

Leif Berg- Radioaadalen, Denmark

Arno Bierings-Station Radio Eagle- Arendonk, Belgium;

Jos Bierman- Radio Beverwijk- At the Rodeo & Toffe Tonen- Beversijk, The Netherlands; 

Bob Birch, Radio @Live, United Kingdom;

Rita Blackburn- Radio Star Country cC- Country & Gospel- Monaghani, Ireland;

Marcel Bos- Country Love- Golfbreker Radio, Amersfoort, The Netherlands;

Catherine Britt- Saturday Night Country, ABC Radio, Australia;

Ann Brown- Anns Country, Opal FM 89.7m Lightning Ridge, Australia;

Beth Brown on YASS FM, NSW, Australia;

Rob Burns on 4RR , Nth Qld, Australia;

John Burrows- BJ's Country, Victoria, Australia;

John Callaghan- Sunday Night Country, 98five Sonshine FM, WA. Australia;

Linda Callister- City Park Radio- Launceston, TAS, Australia;

Barry Cannon- Big Gun Country, 4KIG, Townsville, QLD, Australia;

Geof Cartledge- West Gippsland Community Radio, Victoria, Australia;

Bryan Chalker-Chalker's Country Kitchen, United Kingdom;

Keith Cheetham-2MIA FM,  Griffith NSW, Australia;

Rod Collman-Monaro FM-Saturday Country-Nimmitable, Australia;

Connie Cooper-Drive 105 Derry City Ireland, Connie's Country, Ireland;

Ralph Cooper- "Keeping it Country" Wild Horse FM 99.7- QLD. Australia;

Marjorie Cottle- Country Breakfast-Bundaberg Community Radio 96.3fm, Bundaberg, Australia;

Rod Courts- Oz Country- Cairns 89.1 FM, Cairns Australia;

Ian Crombie-ZFM Country & Power, Radio 1629am, radio, Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia;

Jodie Crosby- The Pulse (88.9FM), Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Michael Crozier OAM-Valley FM 89.5, QBN-FM 96.7 & BRW 94.5FM, ACT & N.S.W, Australia;

Frank Crump, Franks' Wednesday Mixes on 2Max FM 91.3FM, NSW, Australia;

Jean-Yves Dahyot- Country Music Special, France Bleu Berry, Chateauroux, France;

Des Deighton-Sunshine FM-Buderim/Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia;

Pete Diskon- 2EC- Bega/Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia;

Rick Dunlop- 2TM Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Mark Eckel- OZCMR, Mildura, VIC, Australia;

Hank Edwards- Country Road, Opus Music Country Radio, United States of America; 

Herbert Fischer, Bonanza Country Music, Kanalen FM, Denmark;

Gene Fisk, Country FM, 89.3FM, Geelong/Colac, VIC, Australia;

Eddie Ford, Saturday Country Club, WMA Castlemaine (94FM), Victoria, Australia;

Gerry Ford- Ford's Country Special, 2 SEA, Eden, New South Wales, Australia;

Brian Flowers, Hawkesbury Radoio- Night Coach, Australia;

Kelvin Franklin- Country Music Northland, Dargaville, New Zealand;

Warren Fuller- Radio 2nurfm, Newcastle, Australia;

Leonard Gear- Community Radio, 2airFM, N.S.W. Australia;

Sue Gibson- C.O.W. 107.9FM, Casino, NSW, Australia;

Daphne Gleeson- "Roxy"- DAPHNE'S Mix Up- Radio 2MAX- 91.3FM, Narrabri, NSW, Australia;

Phil Godfrey- Big River FM-Weekend Country Muster, Dargaville, New Zealand;

John Goldfinch- My Style of Country 2VTR FM 88.9, Whalan NSW, Australia;

Grant Goldman- 2SM, Super radio Network, Sydney, NSW, Australia;

John Goode-  Sunday Breakfast, YassFM 100.3, N.S.W, Australia;

Kay Gray- "Kay's Country", 2MAXFM, N.S.W, Australia;

Keith Greentree- BBC Radio Norfolk-KG'S Rodeo Norfolk, Norwich, United Kingdom;

Dick Groot- Herrington Country 96.5 Cable, FM 107.1, The Netherland;

Ken & Pam Hammond- Saturday Morning Country, Coral Coast Radio, (94.7FM), QLD, Australia;

Chrissie Harper- EAGLE Country Radio- FRANCE;

Kjell Reidar Haugen- New Radio Larvik-Top Country- Norway;

Christian Heyl & Walter Gottling, Radio Orange 96.0- High Noon Saloon, Austria;

Gunter Hildebrandt- It's Country Time & Radio Nashville-Wermelskirchen, Germany;

Werner Hinze- Werni's Western Welle-Germany;

Nancy Hodgess, Rebel Country, 2REMfm, Albury, N.S.W., Australia;

Rene Hoffman- Rene's Country- Country radio, Switzerland;

Muriel Horsfall- Aussie/Mixed Country- Bundaberg 96.3FM;

Ron Hoystead- World Wide Independent Country Radio- Australia;

Margaret Hudson- Radio Port Phillip, Rosebud-Australia;

Kate Jansen- HotFM, Mildura, Victoria, Australia;

Crazy Joe- more than 15 different stations, Country JuX Box & Independent Superstars- Vienna, Austria;

Eric Kalkaras- Freelance DJ- Attiki, Greece;

Sylwia Kakolewska-Pender 107.7 FM & Icarna Radio Network-Katowice, Poland;

Tom Kawai- Real Country Radio-Chiba, Japan;

Susan Keith- IMP Indie Country, USA;

Russell Kennedy- 6KCR, 102.5FM Music cord- Kalamunda Community radio- Western Australia;

Jane Kellaway on Todays Country, North Coast, (94.1 FM) NSW, Australia

Paul Kirkman, Saturday Morning Breakfast, 2 Way FM, N.S.W. Australia;

Bente Kyed-Radio HLR & Radio Vejlefjord- Country Moment-Country Class, DK-Denmark;

Beverley Lamb, Country Cavalcade, 2wayFM (103.09), N.S.W. Australia;

Roelof Lamberts- Country Express- Radio Parkstad- The Nertherlands;

Hermann Lammers Meyer-The Town & Country Show, Germany;

David Langford- 2airFM- Australian Country Sounds, Coffs Harbour, Australia;

Roland Lanzarone- RCF-Haute Normandie Radio/Le Cri du Coyote Magazine;

Athol Latham- 88.9, FM, Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Ruth & Per Larsen- Countrytimen, Radio 107.8, Denmark;

Andre Leclerc- Radio Arc en Ciel Country- 96.2FM- France;

Graham Lees- Radio Fish, United Kingdom;

Brian Lewis- HobartFM- Hobart, TAS, Australia;

Susan Lily- WOWFM, South Australia, Australia;

Davie MacKenzie-CFM- Scotland;

Stewart McArdle- Paddy's Aussie & NZ Connection Shows- Internet;

Leonie McCLure- 2RRR, Ryde, NSW, Australia;

Neil "Macca" McCulloch, My105FM- Mackay, Queensland, Australia;

Phillip McGee- tru Country (94.1FM), Sydney central coast, NSW, Australia;

Gill McGill- BelleJar Records, Stockport, United Kingdom;

Ray McCoy- Drive (88.9FM), Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Paul Mac- Hamilton Radio., NJ, USA;

Wyn Machon- Oamaru Country, Oamaru Heritage Radio (88.3FM), New Zealand;

Hans Mair, Go West Go Country, Austria;

Glenys Marcus- "A Mixed bag of Music" Country Radio Internet- NSW. Australia;

Hans Mair- Radio Osttirol- Austria;

Gilles Martin, Country & Co- Radio Aria 99.6, France;

Julie Matheson- Icarna- Kickin' Radio Country- various programs, Cygnet, Tasmania, Australia;

Del Moller- Baybreeze Country-Queensland, Australia;

Barb Morison- 2SER FM- Sydney, NSW, Australia;

John Morris-AM1278- Trust Country, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom;

Lindsay Morris- Fraser Coast FM, Queensland, Australia:

Julie-Anne Murphy, Homeward Bound, 2WAY-FM, N.S.W. Australia;

Dolf Murwood, 2MIA Community Radio, Griffith, NSW, Australia;

Ian Nicholls-  Radio KLFM, Geelong & Bendigo, Victoria, Australia;

Eddie O'Strange- 783Am & 106.1 FM-Town & Country- Wellington & Lower Hutt New Zealand;

Tony Pankhurst- Skyline Gold, Hampshire, United Kingdom;

Ray Pannach, Coast FM 88.7; South Austalia;

Doug Parish- 10Radio.isca radio & BayFM-Doug's Big Country, The Country Scene & Classic Country- Exmouth Devon & Taunton Somerset & Exeter Devon, United Kingdom;

Ann Pascoe- TLC Radio- program 24/7, New Zealand;

Fred Paul- Riverside Country Radio- Foxton beach, New Zealand;

Fred Payne, Radio Adelaide, South Australia, Australia;

James Pearson BBC Radio Shetland. United Kingdom;

Mike Penanrd- ISA Radio- American Roots Music- Lhuis, France;

Jon Peppin, Radio OCR, Top 30 Countdown, Victoria, Australia;

Holger Petersen - Radio DNK 1, Denmark;

Lorraine Pfitzer- Lorraine's Country Roundup, Radio2YOUFM, Tamworth, N.S.W., Australia;

Alex Pijnen- Zuid West FM- Netherlands;

Gemma Pike- Triple J NSW, Australia:

Werner Rausch- Countrylokal Spezial- Radio Mulheim, 92.9 FM, Germany;

Rob Richardson on Wyn FM, 88.9 FM, Wyndham, Australia;

Mal Ritchie- 103.3FM- Goulburn, NSW, Australia;

Tracy Robinson & the Big D- 101.5FM Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia;

Linda Rose- LHR- Shades of Country, Cheshire, United Kingdom;

Doc Schultz- Country-Time, Germany;

Merle Scott- 97.1 SWEETFM, Queensland, Australia;

Wayne Shearman, "Early Morning Country", ABC Radio Queensland, Australia; 

Kathy Shields - 2ear FM Good Morning Variety & Brekkie With The Girl, Moruya, NSW, Australia;

Tony Slingsby- 5GTR FM- 100.1"Thursday Music Magazine with DJ-Slinga" Mt Gambier, South Australia;

Maureen Solomon- 2LVR Valley FM 97.9- NSW, Australia;

Ben Sorenson- Real Country- Australia & International;

Dave Smith- United Kingdom;

Pete Smith- Strictly Independent/The country Cross Road, United Kingdom;

Ludo Sterkens, Country Radio Show, Belgium;

Sandy Sweeny -2ARM FM 92.1- Armidale NSW, Australia;

Frankie T, 2MCR-Campbelltown, NSW, Australia;

John Taylor-5YYY FM- Great Country- Whyalla, South Australia, Australia;

Pam Taylor-KLFM, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia;

Otto Teglgaard- Radio HLR-Get2-Country, Denmark;

Max Thorburn- OZCMR, Mildura, Australia;

Eric Topholm- Country kanalen- Denmark;

Matt Tribe- ABC Mildura/Swan Hill, Victori, Australia;

Al Van Dam- Country & Western Music Radio Show- Belgium;

Urbain Van Geerteruy- Country and Western Music, Radio Beiaard (106.3 FM), Belgium;

Bert Van der Wijst, Peelstar Country Club, (94.0 FM), The Netherlands;

Kick Van de Vooren/ Country Kickin', The Netherlands;

Ries Verwijmeren- Radio Ruchphen- "Country Express"- The Netherlands;

Menachem Vinegrad- Radio Upper Galilee, Nimron, ISRAEL;

Andrew Wallace, Fraser Coast FM- "Country Collection"; Queensland,Australia;

Kevin Walsh, Good Morning Country-CBAA Network, NSW, Australia;

Karla Walter, Country Pur, Radar Radio Darmstadt, Germany;

Barry Wass- 96.5FM- Victoria, Australia;

Dave Watkins., The Country Mile, Somerset, United Kingdom;

Ray Williams- Radio Southend 91FM- I love country- Birzebbuga, Malta;

Willie Wilfred (Cowboy)- Country Express, Omroep Voorne, The Netherlands;

John Wilson, The Pulse, Geelong, Victoria, Australia;

Peter Windle- 3mdr-97.1FM- Full on Country- Victoria, Australia;

Bobby (The Bobster) Wilson- "Hillbilly Bob's Country Music Catalogue Show"- Inverclyde Radio, Scotland;

Jon Wolfe, The Pulse (88.9 FM), Tamworth, NSW, Australia;

Tony Wright, Donnybrook Community Radio, WA, Australia;

Luc Zwegers- Kickin' Country om Local FM- Netherlands.




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