David Baird


David Baird

A shy man with a deep love for singing and playing his guitar, David Baird is one of the musical duo 'The Long and Short of It'.

Playing for 30 years and singing at home, David put his shyness aside when he visited Williamstown vocal coach Steven Zammit who saw his potential.

Fellow singer Patsy Toop thinks that David is an inspiration.

"He's been playing guitar for a long time and singing by himself. The beautiful thing now is that everyone who has heard him is spellbound".

Patsy - Patricia Toop

Patsy Toop

From a very early age Patsy was musically influenced by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd to name a few.

Patsy has always harboured a burning desire to be able to sing and entertain people.

By chance, Patsy heard David Baird playing his guitar and singing at a charity function.

For David and Patsy that meeting has now developed into an extraordinary and powerful relationship when they perform together.