The Long and Short Of It


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ABOUT The Long and Short Of It

THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT (David Baird & Patsy Toop) are award winning, Country Music singer-songwriters from Melbourne, Australia.

They first met at a charity fundraiser when Patsy asked David if he would sing a duet with her. The rest is history- Their sumptuous harmonies have been described as "Honey-coated chocolate".

This hardworking Duo are true masters of their craft and they have built a legion of fans over the past decade. They are refined songwriters penning relateable lyrics and inspirational music. Their captivating and engaging live shows have earned the adoration of fans and critics alike. In 2013, they headed to Nashville to record a new album. They met and formed a friendship with Producer Kenny Royster, (renowned for producing triple platinum recordings for Luke Combs), who so impressed with their work and special vocal blend suggested co-writing. Cowboy Lonesome is the first single release from their latest album MIDNIGHT CHOIR. This single will be released on the 8th April 2022, and the new album MIDNIGHT CHOIR is scheduled for release on the 1st July 2022. This album is a product of their collaboration with Kenny. 



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THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT (David Baird & Patsy Toop) would like to thank their fans, fellow musicians and family for their support.
We also wish to acknowledge the wonderful assistance from Ambition Music, AAA Entertainment, and Direct Image Studio (Nashville).



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